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Cloth Mask

Cloth Mask


Handmade cloth masks are here! We will be releasing cloth masks periodically in limited batches. This batch was made with our own custom designed fabric. Please note that the pattern on each mask will be random and the placement of the snakes will not the exact same as the mask in the photo.

We've made an information page, please check it out https://www.crywolfclothing.com/pages/clothmaskinfo


Snakes pattern: 100% cotton, Crywolf designed fabric

LINING: The lining on each mask is 100% cotton. The lining will either be mint or blue in colour. Consider it a fun surprise! This is the fabric that lines the inside of the mask, so it won't really be seen anyway. You can insert your own filter.

STRING: The string of the masks is super soft and slightly stretchy and made from recycled t-shirts!


These cloth masks are not PPE and they may not provide complete protection against virus-sized particles. They are not intended to be a replacement for N95 or medical grade masks or serve as protection against COVID-19. Cloth masks can serve as an extra measure to protect against COVID-19 in addition to staying home, social distancing and hand washing. The decision to use this mask is your own.