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Crywolf was co-founded in Toronto, Canada, by long-time friends Rose Chang and Stephanie Drabik. Joining creative forces in 2005 while both pursuing post secondary educations at their respective universities (Rose at University of Toronto and Stephanie at Ontario College of Art and Design) they started designing and silkscreening t-shirts and making 1" buttons and started up an online store. A few years and many craft shows later, in September 2008, the two decided to re-group and invest a full-time effort into a bigger and better version of what they were doing and thus, Crywolf was born.

The main concept behind Crywolf is producing limited edition, collectable and affordable graphic tees, clothing and accessories. All of Crywolf's designs are based on Rose and Stephanie's drawings which they collaborate on. A strong DIY attitude has fuelled their work ethic and been their driving force since day one and continues to do so. From screen printing, sewing, and making buttons in their basement studios, the hands-on approach that they enforced from the beginning still remains.

In July of 2013, Stephanie and Rose opened their first brick and mortar store on Ossington in downtown Toronto. 91 Ossington Avenue is now home to the Crywolf studio and storefront. Alongside making and selling all things Crywolf at their store, they also sell a curated selection of goods from other artisans and companies.

Stephanie has a chihuahua named Benny and Rose has a frenchie named Monzie who enjoy hanging out at the shop too.